Gordon Ramsay GNOCCHI Recipe, Home Made Special

Gordon Ramsay Gnocchi, Aren’t It Impressive?

Gordon Ramsay Gnocchi Recipe, a Home Made Goodness – Gnocchi are an Italian pasta made from potato and other ingredients such as vegetables and cheese. This is the first time i write a review about making gnocchi. I’m not Italian but i am constantly making delicate gnocchi as breakfast or dinner menu. There are tons of variation to make gnocchi. Broccoli, cauliflower, ham, bacon and shrimp become the star of the dish. You can choose one of them, add some fresh veggies to get healthier food. Gnocchi can make with sauce become a hearthy soup, baked or cooked with dressing.

Classic potato gnocchi are made from cooked mashed potatoes, flour, egg and add some ricotta cheese. Ricotta cheese is cheese technically be made from milk of cows, sheep, goats or water buffalo. Those cheese is light and moist, a fastastic ingredient to add on pasta, soup, pizza or lasagna. I like to recook Gordon Ramsay recipe for making home made gnocchi. Its simple, easy and i don’t need to rush just to get to finish meal for my family. Unlike pasta, there’s no resting period and rolling involved.

Here’s that ingredients I used

For best result, i use starchy potato like a russet (commonly called Idaho). In Indonesia, russet seems to be quite difficult to find. You can replace with red or purple potato (potato with red/purple skin) or any potato that you can find when go to market. Yukon Gold able to produce perfect gnocchi. Great potato should be tender, light and starchy texture. Russet will do, but Yukon Gold have more nutty flavour.

I use several ingredients which Gordon Ramsay gnocchi didn’t use. For vegetables i continually choosing asparagus, baby spinach and frozen peas and carrot. You can pick the fresh one, but you have to boil them before added in gnocchi. Gordon use ricotta cheese, i can’t find in market/supermarket so i use parmesan and mozzarella cheese. Ricotta cheese will affect how sticky, wet or dry your dough will be, depending on the amont of flour you use. I prefer to make light gnocchi. Dried thyme i added on dough to give a little bit sweet and peppery flavor. Gordon also use thyme but the fresh one. I use the dried one, if you use fresh thyme just keep in mind that 1 teaspoon dry equals 1 tablespoon fresh.

Ordinary all purpose flour can use to make gnocchi. All purpose flour contain high protein results in chewy gnocchi. If you want to be truly Italian dish, use imported Italian flour market Tenero. Two things that important to make gnocchi related to flour are: add just enough flour to hold the dough together and don’t kneading too much. The less flour you use, the fluffier your final gnocchi.

Recipes from Gordon Ramsay use egg but i didn’t. Egg helps ingredients bind together into a dough but using an egg give extra moisture and will makes a dough requiring more flour. If you use so much flour that the dough will be denser. The final dough have to be soft, smooth and a little sticky.

How to make a delicate like Gordon Ramsay Gnocchi

First of all i will baking potatoes to produce lightest gnocchi. Don’t boiling potatoes because they will absorb too much water and the dough will be soggy. Related to cooking instruction, i have done exactly same with Gordon. I had sautee asparagus in frying pan with a little olive oil. Set aside, and then add the gnocchi to the hot pan, seasoning with salt and pepper and cook for both side. Add the frozen peas and carrot with butter and dried thyme. Pour the asparagus and spread the butter on it.

I use my hands for mixing to fell the dough stickiness. Give flour to your hand before kneading. Using a pastry knife to cut the dough into pieces. Don’t leave your gnocchi when boiled into the pot. Cooking gnocchi only takes two or three minutes. When the gnocchi start to float, drain them as soon as possible. Cook gnocchi in medium heat to keep gnocchi from damage.

Best Sauce for Gordon Ramsay Gnocchi Lookalike

A simple sauce from this recipe is my favorite. But sometimes i need little variation. Simple sauce from tomato and fresh basil is my second option. Sautee crushed tomato and add chopped garlic season with salt, pepper and suggar. Make a puree and cook again in the frying pan.

Make, Serve or Freeze them for a later

You can serve freshly gnocchi right away or you can keep and store in fridge for later use. Cooking frozen gnocchi need two step. After cool down, you can cook in a pot with water start to boiled. Second, pour into boiled water. Don’t forget to add enough water. Frozen gnocchi cause the temperature of the cooking water to drop, so they’ll fall apart before the water returns to a boil if there are too many in the pot.

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