Breakfast Recipes Sausage, ULTIMATE Sausages & Mash

Breakfast recipes sausage – I am Indonesian and on diet program so i changed meal from rice to potatoes. But sometimes i feel bored with boiled potatoes so i try to make mashed potatoes with sausages.

Others people called bangers and mash, Gordon ramsay make bangers and mash become simple recipe and sure to please all the family. I’m pretty sure you’re going to love this recipe.

Simple and easy to make

This is the most easiest and quickest breakfast with sausage recipe i have ever cooked. Sausages and mashed potato is familiar ingredient and become favorite dish in UK. The ingredient are easy to find, cheap and mainly consisting of mashed boiled potatoes, sausages (pork/beef/chicken or others) and sauce.

This recipe inspired by Gordon Ramsay with several adjustment. I choose to adapt gravy sauce with onion and chicken broth. I always cook this recipe as a menu for my entire family. Now there are many different flavors in sausages available from original to cheesy and spicy. You can select your favorite taste.

While sausages and mashed potato make you feel full, i continually serving the gravy sauce with green peas, carrots or a fresh salad to balance the nutrition. I love veggies and try to make every meal that i eat should be healthy as well.

I have frozen vegetables in fridge and need to be  boiled to make ready to eat. I prefer to choose baby potatoes or Yukon Gold rather than regular potatoes. Their skin contains many vitamins and minerals. Baby potatoes are round shape and can range from the size of walnut to the size of ping pong ball.

Their skin is very thin and tender. I don’t need to peel potatoes before cooking and quick to boiled or roasted. I always sliced in half or quarter. I clean and scrub potatoes carefully before put them into the pot. I can get perfect skin-on mashed potatoes with baby potatoes.

Modifying my own recipe from breakfast recipes sausage

Gordon ramsay use pork sausages for his recipe, but i like to use original beef sausages because in Indonesia hard to find good and tasty pork sausages. I prefer to use the big one and give one or two scratch to make the garlic flavor more absorbed on sausages.

Meanwhile, i choose to boiling potatoes two times. First time to cook potatoes until perfectly soft and moist. Second, i return the potatoes in sauce pan after the potatoes have been drained. Shake it off and cook again for 2 minutes. This step is imporant to release water and moisture from the potatoes.

Before potatoes boiled into the sauce pan, i add some garIic powder and pepper to season the potatoes. Gordon don’t do it, he seasoned the potatoes after smash it. I will seasoned again after smash it with fresh chives and salt (2 times seasoning). If you don’t have chives, you can replace with parsley.

Fresh milk (hot) and butter also pour into the pan before smash the potatoes. It will make moist and creamy texture. Alternately, you can use plain based milk (vegan option). I also put grated cheese (not much just a little). I will doing those step in the pan over medium heat. I remove olive oil.

I prefer to use onion than shallot because shallots have stronger flavor and easy to burn. I add balsamic and worcestershire as much as gordon recipe. These breakfast recipes sausage and mashed potatoes are perfecly full of great flavour, creamy and easy to make. Happy cooking!

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