Resep Masakan Rumahan, Ayam Rica-Rica Tahu Putih

resep masakan rumahan

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Resep Kue Kering, NASTAR Lembut Anti Gagal

resep kue kering

Kue Nastar Lembut Special Untuk Hari Raya Resep kue kering nastar lembut anti gagal – Kue yang satu ini selalu hadir di hari-hari istimewa di tengah keluarga. Saat hari raya Idul Fitri, Natal atau bahkan tahun baru Imlek, resep ini seakan menjadi andalan yang selalu dimasak ibu saya untuk memanjakan lidah para kerabat dan tamu … Read more

Resep Kue Bolu, Cake Labu Kuning Panggang Lembut

resep kue bolu

Resep Kue Bolu, Cake Labu Kuning Panggang Resep kue bolu cake labu kuning panggang – Labu kuning, jujur saya belum lama mengenal dan menggunakan buah ini di beberapa olahan masakan. Namun semenjak memutuskan untuk hidup sehat, buah ini menjadi salah satu pilihan (selain alpukat tentunya) untuk memuaskan perut yang keroncongan. Di bulan puasa, anda  mungkin … Read more

How to cook a burger by GORDON RAMSAY, a Food Review

Burger is the most classic dish which consisting of bun, meat and veggies such as lettuce and tomatoes. Originally, burger may considered as American food but now as food for a million people in the world. Do you know that every second Mc Donald sells 75 pieces burger? Or 2.36 million pieces burger in a year? What a surprise! Shall we try to cook burger at home? Healthier and tastier burger that eaten as sandwich for our family.

You can find many variation burger with customary dressing and any kinds of vegetables. Burgers can make for dinner or lunch, i prefer to make for lunch because on the afternoon we need many calories to bring enough energy. I eat dinner but just a light meal, consist of small portion of food or food that is easy to digest such as fruits, oatmeal or bread. I will reviewed 10 minutes Gordon recipe burger. These burgers is tender, juicy, delicious and easy to make.

What i’ll need to make Burger

Gordon use beef, i prefer to use skinless salmon fillets. Salmon is one of the best source of omega-3, protein and B vitamin. The most important thing from consume salmon is healthy and it will help you to lose weight. Certainly followed by healthy diet and workout. For the vegetables, i choose lettuce, tomato and cucumber. I simply added mashed avocado on a burger in place of mayonnaise or other condiments higher in saturated fat. Avocado is my favorite fruit. These fruit is satisfying addition to any meals. It is rich, creamy and contain many benefit substance that can enhance nutrients on our body.

For fish, i added panade to keep the flavor and juiciness. Without panade, fish/meat that needs to be cooked well will tasted dry and inedible. Panade is a mixture of starch and liquid that is added to meat/fish. Any combination of starch (bread, panko or crackers) and liquids (milk, buttermilk, yogurt, stock or water) can be made panade. I used regular white bread without crust and milk. I mashed bread and milk into a paste with fork. The paste will coats the protein and prevent moisture to squeezing out.

I eliminate sriracha sauce because i dont want the burger become too spicy. I replaced spicy flavour with chili sauce. Related to  seasoning, i added garlic powder for extra flavour. Lime zest is one ingredients i added to relieve fishy from salmon. I also added scrambled egg between meat and upper bun as replacement of bacon.

I use a little bit mayonnaise for the sauce, assemble among bun and lettuce. I also make a burger with onion and butter (for making patties). Furthermore, i didn’t use cheese.

How to make Burger

Basically, i use Gordon recipe for making a burger. There are several different method: First, i’m make panade for patties. One portion burger need 1/4 cup panade. Tear white bread into small pieces and pour milk. Use fork to mash bread and milk into a paste. Add the paste into mixture of fish and season well. Make your patty less than an inch and press it down slightly on grill pan (if you don’t have many time to cook). When forming the patties, use hand or spoon to handle the meat as little as possible. Too much press and mix will turn them into rough patties even use panade.

Second, i added lime zest, chili powder and garlic powder to a fish mixture. Third, i’m making a scrambled egg with butter. I also added a pinch of salt and pepper. Forth, I cooked the egg without oil, it’s a helathier option. If you have bacon strips, you can use it.

For the sauce, i use chili sauce and a little bit mayonnaise. Just put among the bun and lettuce, without mixing. I assemble the burger: bun, mayo and chili sauce, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onions, patty, scrambled egg, mashed avocado and topped by bun. Above i have mentioned the difference method of cooking, other than that i apply similar method with Gordon.

How to keep and store Burger

  1. Ground meat/fish should be stored in the refrigerator, use zipper lock plastic bags for extra protection.
  2. Keep meat/fish which processed into patties in a freezer so they stay together and juicy. Put the patties in a covered tray/plate.
  3. If any excess of burger bun, put them on freezer.
  4. You need to cut lettuce, wash and clean. After that, you have to boil for 1-2 minutes and then immediately place in ice cold water to stop the cooking process. Place on plastic bag or container.
  5. You can keep tomato and cucumber in refrigerator but place on shelf near refrigerator door. It have warmer temperature than others.

How to choose ripe avocado for burger

Gently press the avocado, if the surface of skin is tender you know it’s ripe and ready to eat. Ripe avocado may have a darker color. Don’t choose the soggy avocado, it can be over ripe avocado. Store in the refrigerator if you plan to eat next day, separate with vegetables to prevent over ripe avocado.

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Gordon Ramsay GNOCCHI Recipe, Home Made Special

gordon ramsay gnocchi

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Tom Yum, a Special Asian Cuisine Menu

asian cuisine menu

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GORDON RAMSAY Avocado Toast With a Twist, a Food Review

Come back to my favorite dish for breakfast, avocado toast! This menu is  an effortless breakfast and full of healthy. Avocado is my favorite fruit (apple also included) because when i eat avocado i fell full until lunch time and push back my appetite. Sometimes avocado called super food because it owns a lot of nutrients and antioxidants such as folic acid, omega 3, magnesium, potassium, lutein and fiber.

Avocado rich in vitamins A, C, D, E, K and B complex. Beside the flesh that rich in nutrients, avocado seed also contributes to our healthy body because rich in soluble fiber, healthy greases and prevent digestive disease. Healthy greases in flesh and seed actually reduce risk of heart disease and stroke. I have added avocado on breakfast since on diet program to lose weight. Avocado can be eaten in multiple ways and it can be added to other food such as bread (avocado become replacement of butter on top of bread). Use avocado to add variety to your meal menu everyday. You can use any kind of avocado, most commonly found around the world is Hass variety.

I watched a video on youtube from Gordon Ramsay. He is my favorite chef who inspire me to cooking and keep trying a new recipe. The title of those video is “Gordon Ramsay’s avocado on toast with a twist”. You can type and find on youtube. On those video he make avocado toast with sour dough bread. I prefer to use whole grain bread/gluten free baguette. If you not on diet you can use reguler white bread with or without crust.

He just make avocado toast, sometimes you can playing a game with sunny side up,  scrambled egg or various toppings. Gordon grilled the bread on a grill, i choose to toast with oven at 130° C for 10 minutes. If you have toaster, use it. Before you toast, dont forget to preheat the oven for 3-5 minutes. Oven will make the bread more crispy and golden brown (when you grill the bread, a black line will appear as a sign of burnt bread). Olive oil isn’t added on bread to prevent bread to be too oily. Meanwhile the bread has been processing, i was prepare the avocado. Cut the avocado with sharp knife, take the seed, cut into quarters and take the flesh. I like to mash the avocado beside just slicing and put on the top of the bread. I mash avocado with the back of fork and place in a bowl.  After that, i give seasoning with ingredient same like in those video (sea salt, pepper, lemon juice). Gordon make separated mixture (shredded lemon skin and the seasoning) and put on the top of avocado. I didn’t do this process because i dont like look too full in my plate.

Sometimes, i give a pinch of cinnamon as source of antioxidants. Gordon ramsay add flax seed and chili pepper, i dont have flax seed so i replace with chia seed. This seed is rich in fiber, antioxidant and protein but low in calories. Perfect choice for people on diet! I am preparing a plate, arrange the bread had toasted and give mashed avocado on the top of it. I add chia seed and drizzle with olive oil. Scramble egg also put on the plate.

You can serve and eat as breakfast/snack with your family!

Breakfast With EGG Recipes, Healthy Pumpkin Pancakes

breakfast with egg recipes

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Breakfast Recipes Sausage, ULTIMATE Sausages & Mash

breakfast recipes sausage

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