Breakfast Recipes With Sausage, Chicken & Veggies Casserole

breakfast recipes with sausage

This is the first time i cook breakfast recipes with sausage which is casserole as breakfast menu. I assume that making casserole is almost similar with mac and cheese (but casserole doesn’t always use pasta). Casserole come from french word meaning “sauce pan”, a large dish which used to cook/serve food. It’s american cuisine, typically … Read more

FIRST LOCKDOWN in 2021: Is It Possible For Economic Recovery in INDONESIA?

Lockdown plan is going to apply in some regions. A new development of the virus has made lockdown in many countries including several countries in Asia: Indonesia and South Korea. Government in some countries has legally assigned someregulations to ban all activities outside the house. In Indonesia, lockdown or commonly named PSBB (Pembatasan Sosial Berskala … Read more

Healthy Omelette SANDWICH – Breakfast Recipes With Egg

breakfast recipes with egg

Hey food lovers! Happy new year, wishing all the best for you in 2021! I am going to upload a breakfast recipe after several main course recipe. This is the easiest and quickest breakfast recipes with egg, anyone can make at home with tons of variations. This menu use 3 main ingredients: egg, veggies and … Read more

Asian Recipes Chicken, Delicious Crispy Chicken SUSHI

asian recipes chicken

It’s time for chicken processed into Japanese dish! When you hear “sushi”, what do you think at the first time? Raw fish? The word actually refers to a dish of rice with vinegar served with multiple fillings and toppings include raw fish. At the beginning, sushi was created as preservation, when fermented rice used to … Read more

LILIT SATAY, An Asian Recipes For Chicken

asian recipes for chicken

Satay is meat dish that marinated, twisted, grilled and served with rice wrapped in leaves (commonly caled: lontong). That dish are popular dish from Indonesia, serve with peanut sauce and accompanied with chili sauce. This asian recipe chicken are well known not only in asia but also in the world. You can meet satay as … Read more

Asian Cuisine, Siomay Recipe (Indonesian Steamed Dumplings)

asian cuisine

Dumpling is a broad classification for food that consists of dough wrapped with a filling or just dough with no filling. When you mention dumplings, people have multiple images in their minds depend on where they’re come from. If they come from African, dumplings is Banku or Kenkey. But if someone come from Chinese, dumplings … Read more

Sinopsis Buku – IKIGAI : The Japanese Secret to a Long & Happy Life

What is the meaning of your life?Just to live longer, or you seek a higher purpose? Pertanyaan ini mewakili isi salah satu buku favorit saya, Ikigai. Jujur setelah membaca kalimat pertama buku ini, saya merenung dan berpikir jawabannya apa ya kira-kira. Dua pertanyaan di atas menuntun para pembaca pada kata misterius yaitu Ikigai. Setiap bab … Read more